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Using Kiota to Generate an HTTP Client

For years, I've been using open api generator or NSwag to generate HTTP clients for my projects. While this work well, there were edge cases I felt were hard to satisfy. Recently I learned about Kiota to generate API clients, and it takes a much different approach that I think is better. Generating an API Client to I've been playing chess online this year, and so I was very interested when I found out has a public facing API to access user data. I decided…

January 21, 2024
approximately 3 minutes to read
Project Graph Traversal with the MS Build SDK

Happy New Year! Happy New Year! I've been taking a break for a while from my blog. I had been spending some extra time outside of work trying to push forward an initiative inside work to move my workplace forward on containers. It's just been one of those things I personally find important in technical leadership. Learn new things to level up, and share those things with others. It took a little extra effort to do that. It ate into my personal time a bit I used to blog and…

January 14, 2024
approximately 3 minutes to read
.NET 8: My Favorite Feature

It's getting close to November, and that means a new .NET release is about to be released. While there are a lot of features that deserve attention, there is one feature that is one of my favorites as it's going to reduce the amount of code I need to write. That feature is primary constructors. It's a new feature in C# 12 that reduces the amount of code needed for simple constructors. A Code Sample Without Primary Constructors We'll look at an example of the chess program I…

October 04, 2023
approximately 2 minutes to read
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