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GIT Branching: Branch by Abstraction

Many branching strategies work to split up work into smaller pieces that are regularly integrated into a mainline branch. However, often time it is difficult to do this with much larger tasks. I want to highlight a common software development strategy used to overcome this: Branching by Abstraction. What is Branching by Abstraction? When modifying an area of the system, a contract is introduced which encapsulates the public interface of some functionality to change. Once the…

April 07, 2023
approximately 3 minutes to read
GIT: Branching Strategies

In the past, I have written several posts about GIT on my blog. Specifically, I want to reflect on the lessons I have learned while trying to determine the appropriate branching strategy for various projects. Over the years, I have had to make this decision numerous times and realized that documenting my experiences would help me better organize my thoughts. In this blog post, I plan to highlight a few of the main branching strategies I have utilized in the past, along with…

March 26, 2023
approximately 8 minutes to read
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