Raspberry PI Based Camera, Machine Learning, and Object Detection with .NET Core

For a while I've been interested in building a project dealing with machine learning. I had a few projects in mind with my Raspberry PI, but didn't really think about doing it much. I wanted a fun technology related side project that had nothing to do with my day job. I had heard of the Microsoft ML.Net library some time ago, but hadn't pieced anything together.

Over the weekend, I decided to give a try setting up a camera on my Raspberry Pi to capture images, and then to perform object detection on the images.

It consisted of two projects I built.

  1. A microservice that runs on my Raspberry Pi for capturing images in real time and serve the latest image via HTTP.
  2. A microservice that runs on my laptop which performs object detection in real time from the latest image.

The end result is this:

Raspberry Pi Image detection

I can hit the endpoint for the object detection microservice, and get the latest image capture from the raspberry pi with object boundaries and object labels. I was very surprised at how well it detected the objects in the images. The image above was an accident. I was just holding up a book, and you can see the camera slipped and got my desk into view. It successfully detected my mouse, keyboard, and a cup.

I'll be posting a few more articles talking about the architecture of the applications. In the meantime, the code for the two applications are on GitHub:

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